Friday, July 31, 2015

Whole 30: Day 12

      Today was a little bit chaotic evil. Chaotic because everything was set back and crazy. Evil because around 2:00 am, I had a nightmare that kept me up for 3 hours, but I still had to get up early because Ray had to get blood work done first thing this morning. So we didn't eat breakfast until closer to 10:00 this morning. We changed up the pumpkin porridge this time and used almond butter instead of tahini. Everyone really liked the change because it gave it a deeper flavor. We had it with blueberry sage super sausage, and wow was that fantastic! How can you go wrong with blueberries and liver in your morning sausage?

Debra McVay's photo.     After chores, I got to play some video games (something I rarely get to do). Then we ate lunch: BLT salad with black pepper ranch dressing and muskmelon.

     After lunch, I could no longer go, so I had a nap while the kids played. After my nap, it was time to get some exercise in. We did a PEM, and it felt awesome. Muscles pulled bones into alignment. My back popped several wonderful times. And then as I was cooling down and stretching out, the muscle in the back of my leg cramped up and wouldn't let go. It still hurts a little now after extra potassium, extra calcium, and a bath in Epsom salt.

Debra McVay's photo.

     With all of this craziness, pizza movie night got started late, so we didn't do any experimenting with the crust. We just stuck to the meatza crust. But since we were celebrating Harry Potter's birthday, we had to have a special dessert. I ended up making some cinnamon and sea-salt banana chips, and we topped them with almond butter and raisins. It was delicious.

     With the late start, and the fact that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a pretty long movie, I got a late start on my blog, and I was already pretty tired, so goodnight.