Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book Release Date!

     The book is so close to being done, and I am psyched! As I've said before, this book will include the 26 recipes that I did last year for the A-Z Challenge. But you may be wondering what makes this book different? What makes this book worth the investment if I can get the recipes on the blog for free?

     I'll tell you. Some of these recipes are flat-out better. If you read the posts from last year, you know there were a lot of typos, some recipes that didn't work out quite right, and some bad pictures. Well, I'm proofreading better, reworking the recipes I didn't quite like, and retaking some of the pictures.

     Not convinced? There's also an introduction to the Paleo diet that I wrote with an eye toward humor and levity. It includes what you can and cannot eat to eat the Paleo way.

     Not enough for you? It contains four extra recipes, including my bone broth recipe, my favorite mayonnaise recipe (it's changed since I've been sending everyone to Melissa Joulwan's blog), and two never-before published recipes.

     Still not convinced? Well, each recipe now has nutritional facts! You can now see how healthy or unhealthy (I'm looking at you quesadilla) each dish is at a glance.

     So when is this wonderful book coming out? Barring any problems, it will be hitting Kindle Unlimited on October 5th of this year. So if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free! If you don't have Kindle Unlimited, you can get it for the low price of $5.99!