Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whole 30: Day 11

     Today was not a great day. It really could have been better, but I was tired and developed a bit of a backache towards the end of my shift. Once I got home, it got better, but I had to deal with Cranky and the Hyper Boys. Apparently, the kids went to see my parents this afternoon, and while they were there, they had Paleo cookies and smoothies, and they came back wired and didn't tell Ray why. They also wouldn't settle and help out around the house like they're supposed to, which triggered Ray's stress issues. By the time I got home, Ray's sugar was close to 300, and he was in butt mode.

    And the day started off so good, too. We had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and olives. Once at work, it was pretty calm and I had time to make a list of things I need to do this weekend.

Debra McVay's photo.
     I had chicken, beet, and carrot salad and my cauliflower hummus with bell pepper slices. It was so hot at lunch, though. It was almost not worth it eating in my car.

     Then as the end of my shift approached, it decided to storm. Thunder, lightning, pouring rain. So I stuck around for an extra 15 minutes, waiting for the storm to pass.

Debra McVay's photo.     When I got home, I was greeted by an unusual smell. It turned out to be a combination of smells: cinnamon, clove, muskmelon, and beef bone broth. It was a strange combo of smells that are wonderful when separate, but not so great together. Then there was the cranking and grumping and it was upsetting.

     For dinner, we had leftover beef tongue with carrots and broccoli slaw, and it almost made up for a lousy day. Almost.

     Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. It's pizza movie night and Harry Potter's birthday. Since it's my turn to pick the movie, we'll be watching Harry Potter and having a little celebration. We'll also be trying a cauliflower pizza crust.

     As for tonight, I'm done. I have lost the ability to can. Goodnight.