Saturday, July 25, 2015

Whole 30: Day 6

     Mornings when the kids go to my parents' house are always hectic, and today was no different. We got everyone up early and had breakfast. Ray, Victor, and I like our eggs sunny-side up. Lydia likes hers fried, and Alex likes his scrambled. Ray makes them to order on the griddle all at the same time.

     After breakfast, with the kids gone, we had a couple of hours before we had to start lunch, so Ray took a nap because he was really sleepy, and he was going to drive us all to Dothan. I started working on the menu for the next ten days.

     For lunch, we had pan-fried sardines with sweet potato chips, and it was fabulous. Then we put together a snack and headed for my parents' to pick the kids up for a special treat, a surprise.

     We have an awesome 2nd-hand store in Dothan that holds all sorts of events, and today they held Harry Potter's birthday party. The kids were sorted into houses and able to make their own wands and golden snitches and answer trivia questions from the books and movies.

     After everyone else left, Ray, my mom, and I were allowed to get badges and sorted into houses as well. Ray got Slytherin. My mom got Hufflepuff, and I got Ravenclaw.
Only a Slytherin would wear that T-shirt
Typical Ravenclaw with an armload of books
Debra McVay's photo.     I found a cool seasonal cookbook that I'm going to use as inspiration for Paleo recipes, and my mom got me a really awesome sugar skull bag. Once we left there, everyone started talking about how hungry they were, so we broke out the rest of the bacon jerky and some watermelon and raisins for Ray because his sugar was dropping.

     We got our groceries for the week before making it back home. We threw our dinner into the pressure cooker, and just relaxed. We had chicken with broccoli, onion, and mushrooms, and for dessert, we had fresh diced peaches in coconut milk. This day went by too fast, and now it's time for bed, so goodnight.