Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Whole 30: Day 9

     I took today off to go with Ray to his doctor's appointment. He recently changed doctors because his former doctor didn't listen to him, and the nurse practitioner he saw before that stopped allowing patients to bring someone back with them to the exam room, and between Ray's memory problems, anxiety issues, and paranoia, that was the worst thing she could do.

    Since this was his first time seeing the new doctor, his anxiety was very high, but she was awesome, and we really liked her. She actually listened and agreed to allow him to try for better management of his conditions through diet after he told her how the Whole 30 was helping him to control his blood sugar. She did, however, admonish him for eating breakfast before coming since she wanted to do blood work, and he informed her that his lab work would have to be earlier in the morning, if she didn't want him to eat because his appointment was at 10:00, but we didn't get back until 11:00, and that is way too long for a diabetic to go without eating or without insulin.

Debra McVay's photo.     We still had some shopping to do after that, since we were unable to get our meat on Saturday, so by the time we got home, it was 1:00. We decided to make a quicker lunch than what was on the menu, so we threw the cauliflower in some bone broth and fried our sardines. After lunch, I took a wonderful nap surrounded by my children. After I woke up, Ray and I danced together and then grabbed a shower.

     I finally got a chance to finish the menu for the next 10 days, just in time, so here it is:

Day 11:
Scrambled eggs with olives and avocado
Chicken, beet, and carrot salad
Leftover beef tongue with carrots and dates
Snacks: peppers w/cauliflower hummus, apple

Day 12:
Pumpkin tahini porridge w/raisins; blueberry and sage super sausage
Bacon, lettuce, and tomato salad with black pepper ranch
Meatz and salad
Snacks: melon, apple

Day 13:
Bacon and egg salad w/baked bananas
Pineapple burger with braised kale
Chicken fajita lettuce wraps with guacamole and butternut salad
Snacks: carrots w/red pepper cauliflower hummus, apple

Day 14:
Fruit salad with pistachios
Broc-cauli chowder
Fried eggs w/roasted Brussels and onions w/sweet mustard dressing
Snacks: pepper w/ranch, apple

Day 15:
Ham and butternut quiche
Caesar salad
Chicken livers w/plantain and apple fritters
Snacks: bacon jerky, apple

Day 16:
Coconut milk yogurt w/blueberries; bacon
Olive, tomato, an avocado salad w/sardine dressing
Meatza and salad
Snacks: devils on horseback, apple

Day 17:
Fiesta quiche
Chicken, avocado, and pepper salad w/date vinaigrette
Barbeque chicken stuffed sweet potato with broccoli and ranch
Snacks: carrots w/ranch, apple

Day 18:
Apple streusel quiche
Ham and sweet potato salad
Pan-fried sardines with baked butternut squash
Snacks: peppers w/baba ghanoush, apple

Day 19:
Egg cup with fermented carrots
Turkey, roasted turnip, and bacon salad
Ox tail w/onion jam and braised baby spinach
Snacks: carrots w/baba ghanoush, apple

Day 20:
Eggs w/breakfast bacon stir fry
Cucumber, tomato, sardine salad w/"cheesy" paprika ranch dressing
Bacon burger w/barbeque sauce, baked butternut squash, and pickles
Snacks: sweet potato chips, apple

     So far, the Whole 30 is really going well, and Ray and I are going to try to incorporate more Paleo-based exercise into our lives since we have more energy. On the days that I work 9 hours, Ray is going to try to make sure and move around, walking for a few minutes every hour. On my days off, we're going to try to get in at least one HIIT and one PEM, but we also love to dance.

     Well, it's late; I'm tired; and I have work tomorrow, so goodnight.