Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: A Look Back at What Was and a Look Forward to What May Be



     It's been a good year. My family and I found Paleo. I lost and kept off 20 pounds. Lydia turned 12. Victor turned 8. And Alex turned 6. I began training as a pharmacy tech and passed my exam. I go back in touch with an old friend. My family and I made it through several successful major holidays and most of the birthdays while sticking to the Paleo diet. I attempted making things that I've never even considered before, including marshmallows and Caesar dressing. And I started this blog.

     Some of the things we tried were not successful. We did not get much to grow in our garden, and we were unable to get chickens. Ray is still fighting to get disability, but he is improving with every passing year.

     And I went from having an average of 11 call outs a year for illness to three. I have big plans for the upcoming year. I want to lose at least another 20 pounds. I want to continue this blog. I want to get more exercise and more sleep. And I want to continue to improve my life.

     Happy New Year! Here's to a better tomorrow.

     I want to fill this blog with all things Paleo, including tips, crafts recipes, and stories. I hope you will all