Sunday, August 9, 2015

Whole 30: Day 21

     I have direction again. I'll be headed to work this week to assist in the clean-up effort. Someone posted a picture of our store where the hole is in the roof and stated that it looked like God stuck his foot in it, and I have to agree.

     I'll be going in early, so I'm going to go ahead and post. Today was vegetarian day, and we went grocery shopping, so I didn't take any pictures of my food, but I will finally post the menu for the last 10 days.

Day 20:
Eggs with breakfast bacon stir-fry
Cucumber, tomato, sardine salad with "cheesy" paprika ranch
Oxtails with onion jam and braised kale
Snacks: sweet potato fries, apple

Day 21:
Fruit salad, fermented carrots, pistachios
Roasted butternut soup
Eggs with sweet potato hash
Snacks: almond butter, apple

Day 22:
Bacon onion quiche
Sardine, avocado, chopped olives and fish roe in a nori wrap
Meatza and salad
Snacks: melon, apple

Day 23:
Egg and bacon salad with banana
Pineapple turkey burger
Eating out with Ray's family (grilled chicken salad and bringing our own dressing)
Snacks: homemade sweet potato chips, apple

Day 24:
Roasted butternut squash with cinnamon and almond butter; super sausage
Chicken, turnip, and bacon salad
Cacao super chili with olives, onion, and avocado
Snacks: bacon jerky, apple

Day 25:
Egg cups
Sardines with tomato and roasted eggplant salad with creamy Italian dressing
Chicken, broccoli, carrot, and mushroom stir-fry with Best Stir-Fry Sauce
Snacks: peppers with cauliflower hummus, apple

Day 26:
Scrambled eggs and bacon with olives, avocado, and fermented carrots
Cobb salad
Sweet potato aloo Gobi
Snacks: carrots with cauliflower hummus, apple

Day 27:
Fried eggs with apple cinnamon super sausage
Hamburger salad with Dijon ranch and pickles
Machacado and eggs with avocado relish
Snacks: devils on horseback, apple

Day 28:
Fruit salad with pistachios
Broc-cauli chowder
Eggs with sweet potato hash
Snacks: almond butter, apple

Day 29:
Huevos rancheros
Maki rolls
Barbeque beef tongue with fried cauli-rice
Snacks turkey roll-ups, apple

Day 30:
Green eggs and ham quiche
Bacon-crusted chicken strips
Chicken with braised kale, Dijon, lemon, and tarragon
Snacks: plantain chips with guacamole, apple

     The next few weeks are going to be full of challenges as we restore our store, and I'm glad we're eating Whole 30 because eating this way has made everything easier to handle. Plus, eating this way makes it easier to regulate your temperature, so working in a building with no air conditioner in August in Alabama will be a little more bearable, even though I'm still fat than it would have been when I was still eating SAD. I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow. Goodnight.