Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Whole 30: Day 16

    Another pizza movie night has come and gone, and I am happy and sad. I'm happy because I love pizza movie nights. The whole family getting together to watch a movie, taking turns to pick the movie, so no one feels left out, and eating pizza in the dark. It's comforting, and everyone loves it. I'm sad because it is over, and I'll be headed back to work tomorrow and the rest of the week to pull some really long shifts at the pharmacy.

    Today started out with a quiche made up of leftover kale and peaches. We never did get around to making coconut milk yogurt, but one day I will get over my anxiety and just make it to see what happen. After breakfast, we got some chores done around the house and got some playing in, as well.

    Lunch was avocado, tomatoes, and olives with pan-fried sardine dressing. After lunch, we took a quick nap before dancing to some pretty funky music: "Ring My Bell," "A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action," "Groove Is in the Heart," "Lump," and "Dare." Then it was time for a shower.

Debra McVay's photo.    We worked as a family to get ready for pizza movie night. The boys cleaned up their toys in the living room and got out plates. I made the salad. Lydia made the pizzas, and Ray made the "cheese" spread.

     It was Ray's week to pick the movie, so he went with Star Trek. The pizza, as always, was delicious, and I ate way too much, so my tummy is full, and I am sleepy. Goodnight.