Monday, August 3, 2015

Whole 30: Day 15

     Technical problems with my phone's camera mean that I only have one picture from today: dinner. Well, anyway, today was pretty good. I went an entire 9 hour shift without taking any ibuprofen, which is pretty impressive.

Debra McVay's photo.
     The day started ham and butternut quiche. Lunch was Caesar salad. And dinner was fried liver with apple-plantain fritters.

     So today is the halfway point, and I'm pleased and a little surprised. I'm pleased that we've made it this far with few problems or setbacks and surprised that it's been as easy as it is.

In Melissa Joulwan's book: Well Fed 2, Melissa gives 30 reasons to Whole30, so I'm going to give my take on her first 15 here.
  1. "You'll sleep longer and more soundly." I've definitely noticed that I've been sleeping more soundly, if not longer. The only time I've woken up in the middle of night over the past 15 days has been when I had that nightmare.
  2. "You'll enjoy consistent energy." I've noticed this to be true. Over the past 15 days, I have not come home and passed out on the couch at all, which is something I used to do at least once a week when we were eating more sweet stuff.
  3. "You'll wake up feeling optimistic and alert." This is also true. I find I'm less stressed, even when I wake up facing a nine-hour shift, and I'm much more awake throughout the day.
  4. "You'll say goodbye to digestive distress." I really haven't had a lot of digestive distress since we switched to Paleo, which is good because I'm allergic to many of the medicines out there for stomach problems.
  5. "You'll be happier." Yes. I'm happier. Ray's happier. The kids are happier. Victor's been giving me lots more hugs, and everyone is calmer.
  6. "You'll be more peaceful." Without the ups and downs of sugar, this is easier to accomplish. My thoughts don't swirl and focus on the negative as much, so I just feel calm and go with the flow.
  7. "You'll be more clear-headed." I've definitely noticed less brain fog, which is a major plus.
  8. "You'll drink more water." I haven't noticed this because that's all I was drinking before we started Whole30.
  9. "You'll eat more vegetables." We already ate a lot of veggies, so again this isn't much of a difference from just plain Paleo.
  10. "You'll savor your food more." I can see this. We've been trying foods that we've never eaten before, and things love that are compliant, and I don't like eating plain, dull food. I love flavor and experimentation, so I want to eat delicious food that I can savor.
  11. "You'll feel the different between emotional appetite and real hunger." The first week, this was not so, but now it has become easier to tell the difference. When I'm really hungry, I feel light-headed and queasy, and I want protein. When I think I'm hungry, I'm usually craving something sweet.
  12. "You'll find new favorite foods." Oxtail, beef tongue, pumpkin porridge, egg and bacon salad, get in my belly.
  13. "You'll have fun experimenting in the kitchen." That's all the time.
  14. "You'll become more organized." I have not noticed this to be true.
  15. "You'll know true 'willpower'." I used to blame my cravings and giving into them on lack of willpower, but now I know that it was hormone responses and blood sugar spikes and drops that made it so hard to fight the cravings.
     I'm sad to say that it is very late, and I have a pretty bad headache that has developed over the past few hours after getting home, so goodnight.