Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Lydia!

Adventure Time!

     Today my firstborn turns thirteen! She is such a sweet, wonderful, and talented girl. She can make doll clothes and dolls without a pattern. She can quilt. She has a cool drawing style and makes comics for her brothers. She loves to cook and is really good at baking tasty Paleo treats. She loves Monster High and Ever After High. She also loves Adventure Time so much that it's the theme of her birthday party. And on top of all that, she's beautiful.

     Lydia also has some fairly bad food allergies. She used to love those cheesy, fish-shaped crackers for snacks. Then one day, I can home to find a red, sad Lydia crying and hurting. I asked my husband what had happened, and he thought she had gotten too hot, but on careful inspection, I found she was covered in hives. I gave her an allergy pill and a soothing, cool, baking soda bath. Then we covered her in hydrocortisone cream. After lots of questioning and another day of the same thing happening, we found the culprit was cheddar cheese.

     She is so happy to eat Paleo food because it is delicious, and she gets to eat lots of bacon and some dark chocolate, and she has never felt better. Since she dances all the time with her clogging group, she needs lots of energy and good food, and she gets it from Paleo foods.

Victor and Alex got Lydia the new Dark Element Skylander
     Lydia has chosen her menu for the day. She even made her Bacon Waffles for breakfast. We're going to my mom's for her lunch. But dinner is Adventure Time-themed and involves Marceline's Paprika Chicken, Rock People Biscuits, Flame Princess's Sweet Potato Chips, Ice King Ice Cream, and Candy Kingdom Chocolate Doughnuts.