Monday, January 18, 2016

Paleo Changes You: Your Eyes Adjust to Light Changes More Quickly

     Sometimes it's hard to recognize that something has changed. I had not observed that I had changed until one day at work. Our store got hit by a tornado, and our pharmacy was moved out to the front of the store in a trailer. It was the middle of summer, and it was bright and hot. I had just gotten back from lunch, walked into the trailer and went straight to work. A minute later, a woman came inside and started talking about how bright it was outside and the fact that she couldn't see because her eyes had not yet adjusted.

     It was at that moment that I realized I had no real adjustment period. So I had to share. Ray and I went for a walk, and as we got closer to home, I brought his attention to how bright it was outside, and he remarked that it was going to be a while before he'd be able to see once he got inside, and I told him to make a note of it. As we walked inside, he gasped at the fact that he could see.

     I've also found that when the lights go out, I can see in the dark a lot faster, and when I go into bright light, I'm not blinded anymore as well. It's like having a kind of superpower.