Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Father's Day (Belated)

   I know it's the Friday after Father's Day, but I have a good excuse. I just haven't been home to write a post. Last week Lydia went to band camp for the week, so I worked really long shifts just to be able to go to her concert at the end and not lose any hours at work. I worked six days straight; then I had one day off (Father's Day) before working three more days. All this with a stomach virus that I just couldn't shake.

     I'm absolutely backlogged with ideas for the blog, and I haven't had the time or cognizance to write.

     But first I do want to say Happy Father's Day. I made my dad a Paleo peach cobbler and vanilla coconut milk ice cream with Lydia's considerable help.

     We spent the entire day at my parents house, and even though I barely had an appetite and eating brought along considerable intestinal pain, it was too good not to eat the delicious Paleo spread. While my dad had his own non-Paleo treats (a white bread bun for his hamburger and baked beans), the rest of us indulged in a perfectly Paleo feast of Bejelly buns on our hamburgers, homemade honey mustard, butternut squash casserole, veggies cooked in bacon grease, and sweet potato fries. We even had watermelon and  some tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from our garden. You don't see them on my plate because the watermelon was my palate cleanser after lunch, the cucumbers are in my water glass, and I'd already eaten all of my tomatoes while I was fixing my plate. ;)

     I was also really proud of the kids. Not only did they make Ray some really sweet cards, they saved up their money to buy him some gifts. Lydia gave him Baymax, and the boys gave him Aladdin and Jasmine for Disney Infinity 2.0. This rounded out our collection of core characters for DI 2.0, and yes they did leave the price tags on because they are kids.

     I got Ray season one of the original Star Trek series, and we've been watching it together. We're going to be using it as a reference for a fan fiction story we're going to write together on a new blog I'm working on, and that's all I'll say for now. I also got him the latest collection of Dark Vader comics by Jeffrey Brown called Darth Vader and Friends. These are the cutest books, if you haven't seen them. I highly recommend them to any fan of Star Wars. There are a lot of inside jokes, as well as just being really cute and funny, if not implausible circumstances for the Sith Lord to find himself in.

   After lunch, the kids found a quiet corner behind the couch and started playing computer games while the adults took a refreshing nap. It was just too hot around here for them to get out and play.  And my dad had the television on the US Golf Tournament, so not only do I not blame the kids for getting in a corner and playing online, but it also made it incredibly easy to take a nap.

     Did I mention I got a new phone? I did, so if the pictures look different, it's because they were taken on my phone, instead of my camera. I'll still take the pictures for my recipes on the camera, but it's easier to carry around my phone than my camera case.

     At dinner, we celebrated my mom's birthday a few days early because I had to work on her actual birthday. Lydia made her some chocolate chip coconut flour cupcakes and put a purple-flamed candle in it because my mom was just going to put a candle in a slice of watermelon. Since she's gone mostly Paleo, she's just looking younger and younger. Now, if only we could convince my dad to eat this way, maybe he'd be less likely to shy out of picutes?